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Ferrari: Race to Immortality

Ferrari 1950s

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Posted 29 November 2017 - 11:20 AM

Evening folks,

has anyone seen this movie or even heard of it before? I was browsing through drivetribe (Jezza's feed)
when I came upon a trailer to this movie and I can say it has gotten my attention.
According to IMDB it has been released on November 3rd in the UK. So I'd like to hear from someone
who has seen it. The footage sure looks pretty neat. It is not a feature film with some phony story like
the Frankenheimer movie, but more something like a documentary with period footage (colourized) and
statements either taken at the time or by relatives / friends at a later date.

I've posted this also at a F1 modelling forum I frequent and they came back telling me it is indeed worth
it, if you're a Ferrarista or somehow who enjoys hearing about racing in the 50s (Ferrari coloured, of
course). Apparently the DVD and Bluray are out already. Duke Video in the UK is said to have them - I
have never heard of that outfit - and I'm sure there are other stores having them as well. However, I do
think it hasn't been released yet. According to Amazon (where it is available for preorder) the release
date is set to 15 December 2017.

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Posted 01 December 2017 - 12:03 PM

Approx an hour and a half long, it's about the 1950s Ferrari drivers, their relationship to Enzo and his reaction to all the fatalities. The film focuses primarily on Hawthorn and Collins. Not much about the team or the cars.

It's mainly historic footage with period interviews, or current interviews with surviving drivers, wives / girlfriends, plus the usual F1 experts, Doug Nye, Peter Windsor etc.

There's a few recreations of key events, but they're well done and unobtrusive in my opinion.... us GPLers will probably notice them but most viewers probably won't :)

Great film in my opinion, very moving.

(By the way, Duke Video are a long established and trustworthy organisation in the UK who make a lot of motorsport videos that might be worth checking out sometime ;) although I got my Blu Ray from Amazon UK)

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