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First Car Problems

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Posted 03 July 2010 - 09:11 AM


I have made a car in blender that I have got to the point where I want to test it. I have exported to .ase and then converted to .3do. How should I proceed from here? (A lot more work needs to be done for it to look convincing!)

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Posted 04 July 2010 - 05:01 AM

This is the advice given by MECH:

1. Choose an existing carset to build around.

2. Setup a folder structure for the conversion files (ase,3do & mips for testing purposes)
With a subfolder for:
a. the cleaned 3do's
b. the 3do's with normals added
c. the base/baked bitmaps to convert to mips

3. Rewrite the ase files with help of a program to rename the bitmap references to 8char names

4. Convert the rewritten ase files to 3do's with ase23do and convert the skin bitmaps to mips.

This is the step were i also check if there are any errors in conversion

5. Clean up the  3do's with help of a batchfile and copy them to the cleaned folder in 1 go

6. Add normals with help of a batchfile and copy them to the normals folder in 1 go
This is a 2nd step were i also check if there are any errors in conversion

7. Copy and rename (neccessary to get again a 8char name) all ready 3do file's to the car directory of GPL which you will use to change to the new set.

8. Remove all old 3do files for the used car and hexedit the car base 3do to use the new file references (i normally change only the 1st 2 char in the 3do blocks so i only need to hexedit max 2 char per 3do reference. Makes it also easier to see which 3do you need to change for later issues)
If you used a car from another mod it's possible you need to hexedit several other rferences as well.

9. Copy the new skin mips (after you have renamed them in the conversion above) to the GPL car directory

10. Adress mirror, driver, steering wheel, gauges, tires etc. positioning with GPLTrackeditor

11. Adapt the ai 3do's to use the new skinmips with Racecon (ferrari = ferd.3do, lotus = lotd.3do etc) and copy them for 1st testing to the ai 3do's sif20a.3do = copied from the murd.3do etc..

12. Test if the car works in GPL and spot if you have any clipping issue's (if you do report back to Bob, lol)

13. If clipping issues are solved by redoing the conversion for these parts the next step would be removing double polies for the windshield sections (..ckpit,..cpit0,..cpit1,..cpit2 + other parts that have windshield parts in it's structure)

14. Finetuning: Skinmips + ai skins, Adding or removing polys for mirrors

Easy for me to copy and paste his instructions. MECH is the master. I'm only good at the model phase.  Bob

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