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In Topic: Bugatti 1967 French Gp Fiftieth Anniversary Retrospective

26 June 2017 - 12:40 PM

Yes , they certainly did as you think;

What a pity those mags came out when ours GPL modders ( you are one )  had already completed all the F1 67 and WSC 67 carsets ! But thks to those, there is certainly room for future improvements in the WSC carset race by race details, and hope thoses books will be useful .they wait for that !

If you plan to visit carcassonne, or have a  stay in my city, just give me the dates; if I am here, because I don't have any plan for my summer holidays ( I maybe there, i maybe faraway) , just come visit me.

If you come with your tools, maybe you can mould the MK IV body. Then, it will need some adjustment, as the rear spoiler that is correct for the two Hoolman and Moody cars , but wrong for the two Shelby .For the tyres, that 's the opposite : I had to change the decals for H and Moodys cars, as they raced Firestones, GMP put Good Years on alls .
   Maybe GMP guys went to Boulder, and where happy with Good year tyres,and the car bodyshape, without questionning to much the history. Anyway, Gurney car has well the extra roof for his head !

In Topic: Bugatti 1967 French Gp Fiftieth Anniversary Retrospective

26 June 2017 - 12:16 PM


meanwhile, just edited a little my post with more precise infos

In Topic: Bugatti 1967 French Gp Fiftieth Anniversary Retrospective

26 June 2017 - 11:12 AM

I missed the visit to the Andretti / Bianchi MK IV chassis J7 at the Shelby museum in Boulder, Colorado, when I stayed two days at this charming quiet city in 2013, and now I am missing the winner car ! Finally, how they cld have marked the 50 th anniversary without such a car. Roman, you know where the four 1/12 scales jewels are...And you have been lucky to have seen one of the most iconic ever prototype chassis to have raced at Le Mans .Strangely, they fitted the Chassis J 7 with Good Year, but the car raced with Firestone at Le Mans, its only race.

   Hope with your camera you cld get nevertheless very detailed features/ special angled views of the F1s 67.

About the Joe Honda , at the moment, I have the Lotus 49 and those ( real sized for a 19' screen) .You can see some obsessives wonders,  I didn 't want to miss this 50 number; A "big" budget has gone with those, I am underfinanced for the others JH jewels, that must be as great !

sometimes, I wld think that 's our GPL favorite year that put Joe Honda under pressure to make his treasures public

In Topic: Bugatti 1967 French Gp Fiftieth Anniversary Retrospective

20 June 2017 - 03:54 PM

Roman, now that I have seen what Arduino electronic kits are used for, I  can understand roughly what you do.

  I was a little afraid when I looked at your link that my steering project cld be on the catalog !!! But fortunatly ( or infortunatly), was too late to cancel the order I passed to a friend, that will manufacture it in one sample only, and at a price not covering his time costs.As you can guess, the brand is very protective of its logos and steering specific shapes.

   The Lotus 49 at Zandy is good to control all the numbers printed on each gauge. On that matter, our GPL car has got some distance with realism police. The RPM Cosworth limit the first year being 9200, you have seen the tacho showed a max at  10000 rpm.Don't have those Haynes publishing. But I have seen the cover of the one on the Lotus 49 " owner guide ".Are they so manys ??? :D  . Do they content genuine period blueprints provided by the manufacturers ?
Joe Honda "books" won't replace drawings board, but the number of shots detailing the 67 F1 cars is amazing, if we compare with any other higher priced publications from the past, and probably in the future .Ask Pioujd how we wld have done otherwise to complete his race by race cars exact liveries .  Not as good, unless as you do by extrapolation, to get the exact dimensions of parts.  

From what you say, seems they put ropes around the cars at the museum, so you cldn't get all the pictures you need; I remember it was the same when I visited Donington museum, but on a convenient Tuesday morning in February, there was absolutely NO ONE on the silent alleys,  and I cld believe all along the visit I was Tom Wheatcroft heir , the new owner of all those cars....Fallen Angel I am ! The good side of the situation is I cld go over the ropes,and shot cockpits and various parts at selected GPL era cars at convenient angles..But I used my phone ( you are not the only to forgot some key instruments when going to Le Mans ) that was not very good at making nice pics ( 2 millions pixels only and a badly limited flash on a poor lighted ambient )
I suspect at least 3 of the 4 cars at Le Mans came straight from Donington. Bonnier Cooper, for sure, probably the BRM P 115 and the BT 24 .Isn't the Lotus 49, the Beaulieu museum chassis ?

Finally, I had a brief look at the Le Mans coverage, with the fight during final laps between the Corvette and the Aston Martin. Entertaining. great that you could walk all around the track; From the hills areas around the track, there seems it wasn't full of people, and plenty of space was left to the spectators.

  Porsche :seems  the all rounding number of a Twentieth  victory is already on the pipeline !