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New Track Build - Sydney Motorsport Park Gardner GP

29 January 2020 - 12:22 AM

Hi All,

So I decided to try and build my 1st track. The Gardner GP layout of Sydney Motorsport Park. Hopefully if successful I will also do the other 3 layouts.

So far I have done the basic layout (3 attempts) and fiddled with the altitudes for hours.
I'm reasonably happy with what I have done so far. But there is so much more to do.

I will attach my files, please comment and assist if possible
I have included a satellite pic, and a track map with corner numbers.
All other required files are from the default mytrack

There are some problems I know about, but don't know how to fix yet.
1. Car is driving subsurface between T3 and T4.
2. Car is driving subsurface between T15 and T16. (T8 and T9 of this layout)
Although the 3do and trk files were both created within a minute of each other with no edits. And the gaps are fine. (the trk seems more accurate to the actual track)