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In Topic: Creating HI-Res Car Skins...

06 February 2020 - 05:20 PM

Hey sky,

Long time no speak. Hope you`re well.

I think you did cover some of this stuff in those PM`s. I`ll have to go back and look through them and see what I can pick up

I don`t have access to that subforum btw.

I have WinMip and papybmp too I think and obviously Photoshop.

My rig will allow Hi-Res! B) It`s quite beefy and I`m upgrading sometime in the not too distant future to have even more beefyness.

I`ve actually found hi-res skins for the 67 Ferrari and Eagle over at SRMZ. Don`t know how I missed those threads/updates. Not like me to miss something hi-res.

Anyhow, I`ll check those PM`s for a start.


In Topic: Monza Update Questions

06 February 2020 - 10:56 AM

Hi all...

Ok, just a heads up here guys. Although I was making slow progress with editing the Monza track, I`ve seen over at SRMZ that ginetto has a really nice looking Monza update in the works so there`s no real need for me to continue with this project.

My noob efforts are no longer needed when the track master is at work. B)

I`ve enjoyed the process of learning though and will try and apply what I`ve learned to updating other tracks I`d like to look that little bit better.

Many thanks to all who have chipped in with help and advice on this, I very much appreciate it. :thumbup:

I may be back when trying another track update.