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Low-skill and out-of-practice 3do editing

29 August 2019 - 09:00 AM

What could go wrong? (Actually, seriously, what went wrong?)

After not doing any GPL editing for a while, I'm trying to pick up some old projects.  One of them has a long, straight wall with ads on it, sitting next to a 180 degree turn -- part of a small oval.  Trying to do this as a wall in the course, and make it look flat, would drive me crazy.  So it seemed like a good idea to do it as a 3do.

I started plugging away in OneTwo3do yesterday, modifying a billboard I used in an earlier track project.

It looks great in that program, but when I export it to ase, then create a 3do (I used ase23doc2, and a batch file), I can't open the 3do to view it in 3DOed.  It causes 3DOed to crash.

It's nothing fancy -- only 42 vertices, 20 polygons. A long flat wall (112 m long by 4m high) with some supports at either end.

Any ideas?

I attached the 3do here, but let me know if there is something that would be more useful to look at to find the problem.

Thanks for the help.