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In Topic: New Track Build - Sydney Motorsport Park Gardner GP

27 February 2020 - 05:08 AM

Hey Eggbomb,

fwiw in the current Grid (2019) game the Sydney racetrack is included in several versions. I assume it is not a laserscanned version, but then again it might help with some general elevation things etc. :)

In Topic: Creating HI-Res Car Skins...

06 February 2020 - 03:44 PM

Hey TJ,

I think I covered some of those topics in a PM conversation we had a year or three ago ;) other than that there are a few sort-of-tuts of mine floating around these here forums. Plus in one of the '71 GT mod threads is an lengthy explanation of how I do what I do. I'm not sure if you have access to that subforum, try this link. It should take you to that thread. The focus on that "tutorial" was wheel arches, but I think I drift off to other topics (as usual).

Anyway. You need either papybmp or winmip to convert the .mip textures to .bmp files that you can load into Photoshop or whatever - and also to convert them back the other way as well. Other than that if you have Photoshop, that's all you need. On the resolution... well my opinion is - go as high as your rig allows. You can always downscale later to whatever is necessary. If you work in high resolution files, you don't need to be super accurate as it will be reduced anyway, but you can add lots of detail there that when doing it at a lower resolution would be next to impossible as you would (probably) have to draw a blurred line to begin with. So rather draw a crisp line at high res and get it sharpened and reduced when scaling down.

In Topic: Trying to run GPL @ 4k resolution, not working

21 June 2019 - 12:46 PM

Interesting bit. I can do v2 with the original '67, but with the '67 GTs, '71 CA I can't do 60 fps - I get a proper menu but no cursor and if I click without
seeing the cursor I get the blue spinning circle of death and GPL crashes.

just for the fun of it, I edited the rasterizer size in both core.ini and in GEM to match 1920x1080 and tried running GPL - it worked using v1 60fps.
So then, emboldened by that success, I changed rasterizer settings in GEM to 3840x2160 again (leaving core.ini settings at 1920x1080) and got
the missing cursor followed by crashing again. I'm off a mind that maybe 3840x2160 might be a tad to much for this old lady...

ok checking core.ini after changing it in GEM reveals a surprise (not really). core.ini settings are at 3840x2160. So I tried 2560x1440 - also no go.
Am I turning into that brat child lying screaming on the floor in the supermarket having a tantrum moment? You bet I am. I want 4k.

This is with the 67 GTs. The F1'67 works like that. double-u tee eff?

In Topic: Trying to run GPL @ 4k resolution, not working

21 June 2019 - 08:56 AM

To be honest, I'm maybe one of the few who don't usually use AA. Last night I have been enjoying a round of the latest Tomb Raider on
my TV (via my PC) in 4k. I played around with the settings and at that distance between the TV screen and me, AA doesn't really matter
at 4K - you don't see it. Plus it puts extra stress on the card. I've even begun to activate Vsynch to limit the frames to 60 fps. And with
all of that I am happy to report, that my card doesn't even go to full boost to display it ;)

Anyway, it is, of course an entirely different matter, when I run things on my 4k monitor ~87 cm (or 34") from my eyes. But depending on
what kind of games I play, I sometimes use AA, other times I don't. Sometimes things turn somewhat blurry, i.e. fine structures or you
get interference patterns. I tried with "The Surge" (something where you are a man in a robot destroying other man-robots in a junkyard
/ spaceship type setting) and in there, I prefer no AA over whatever AA variants they offer - even on my monitor.

Didn't GPL have the option, but you couldn't select it?

Anyway, still no clue why I cannot enjoy the 4k glory with V2 rasterizers at 60fps. It just won't work, no matter what :(

In Topic: Trying to run GPL @ 4k resolution, not working

20 June 2019 - 08:29 AM

As with my last two cards, GPL doesn't wake it up from slumber. I just checked to make sure. I was running @4k with a single car
at Mexico (36fps) and the card was puttering around at 435 Mhz, which is 135 Mhz above it's 2D idle ;).

So far I haven't even bothered with the 3D settings in the panel, they should be stock. On checking your screen, Axel, I've checked
and I'm running at "optimal power" instead of "prefer maximum power" which used to be my setting before. Most everything is set
to application controlled as current games usually have these settings, with notable exceptions being the Dark Souls series which
doesn't have this. Vsync on / off, the end. ;).
With GPL the actual graphic card became pretty much irrelevant from the GTX2xx series onwards as they all could handle what we
would throw at them with GPL. Only GPU memory could be a let down. I'm always going for the most I can get for the least amount
(or an otherwise good deal) in that regard.

On the 60fps.. honestly I don't know what's up with that. I remember having had issues in the past. But then I would just pick one
of the 3 options and it would work flawlessly. I've had it running at FHD resolutions using this same card but just my previous 24"
screen. Not sure, what's up with that. Also Spa67 refuses to load now, which is odd since I didn't change anything in that regard...