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Creating HI-Res Car Skins...

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#1 tjc


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Posted 06 February 2020 - 10:47 AM

Hi all,

Ok, before I go any further I have to say I think what I`m about to ask (big clue in the thread title :D) could be well out of my league but here goes...

How would I go about creating hi-res car skins for GPL?

I know from reading stuff that GPL is a bit quirky in respect of editing (or certainly can be) so I`m under no illusions that this would be an easy thing to do, especially for a complete noob but I`d like to ask for some pointers and advice on how this could be achieved.

What`s the starting point? What tools are needed? How hi-res can skins be made for GPL? Are there any tuts around anywhere? I could go on...

Let`s just say that for EG, I want to do a hi-res (as hi-res as GPL will allow) skin for the Lotus 49 (my fave car) how would I go about doing that?

I have, at present, no clue as to where to start with GPL. I know my way around Photoshop, to a degree anyway and have created quite a few hi-res skins for other, more modern race sims. I know (think?) it`s a much more difficult process working with GPL...

I also know that others have created some hi-res skins for GPL/mods. Sky has done some and Orpheus has too and some others I think but I don`t know if that many exist.

Anyway, as I say, I know this would be a lot of work for a noob to get their head round but if I can get some help and advice I may just give it a go so any info on this would be very much appreciated.

I hope this is posted in the correct place. If not could a mod please move, thanks.


#2 sky


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Posted 06 February 2020 - 03:44 PM

Hey TJ,

I think I covered some of those topics in a PM conversation we had a year or three ago ;) other than that there are a few sort-of-tuts of mine floating around these here forums. Plus in one of the '71 GT mod threads is an lengthy explanation of how I do what I do. I'm not sure if you have access to that subforum, try this link. It should take you to that thread. The focus on that "tutorial" was wheel arches, but I think I drift off to other topics (as usual).

Anyway. You need either papybmp or winmip to convert the .mip textures to .bmp files that you can load into Photoshop or whatever - and also to convert them back the other way as well. Other than that if you have Photoshop, that's all you need. On the resolution... well my opinion is - go as high as your rig allows. You can always downscale later to whatever is necessary. If you work in high resolution files, you don't need to be super accurate as it will be reduced anyway, but you can add lots of detail there that when doing it at a lower resolution would be next to impossible as you would (probably) have to draw a blurred line to begin with. So rather draw a crisp line at high res and get it sharpened and reduced when scaling down.

#3 tjc


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Posted 06 February 2020 - 05:20 PM

Hey sky,

Long time no speak. Hope you`re well.

I think you did cover some of this stuff in those PM`s. I`ll have to go back and look through them and see what I can pick up

I don`t have access to that subforum btw.

I have WinMip and papybmp too I think and obviously Photoshop.

My rig will allow Hi-Res! B) It`s quite beefy and I`m upgrading sometime in the not too distant future to have even more beefyness.

I`ve actually found hi-res skins for the 67 Ferrari and Eagle over at SRMZ. Don`t know how I missed those threads/updates. Not like me to miss something hi-res.

Anyhow, I`ll check those PM`s for a start.