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The "eternal" record has been broken

29 June 2018 - 12:30 PM

Well, I had heard speculation about it previously and now there is the confirmation. The "ancient" record
of the Nurburgring set by a blazing Stefan Bellof in a Porsche 956 in 1983 has finally been broken - by
another Porsche, the Porsche 919 Evo. An evolution of last year's Le Mans winning car taken beyond
any regulation and limitation as a concept of "what if". After crushing the Spa WR a few weeks back,
they have conquered the Nurburgring.
I have to admit I am a bit saddened by the fact that they have actually done since the sentimental part
of me wanted this record to stay forever - hence "eternal" record in the title. I have seen the video with
the sighting of the 919 Evo @ the ring by Misha Charoudin, quoting and adding the sector times as
the marshals called them in. He came up with what should have amounted to a 5:30 or faster lap, that
was not completed as the car turned into the pits at the end. I had hoped they would just do that and
leave it at that. But then again, I'm also happy that a prototype broke it and not some dull F1 with one
of those boring drivers at the helm.

Here's the video that feels like it is running at 1.25x or something:


Some interesting tidbits,
Top speed at Fuchsröhre: 328 km/h
Top speed at Döttinger Höhe 368 km/h (and there was room for more if the final ratio was different)

Insane. Well done Porsche. Well done Timo Bernhard.

Has the Nurburgring Lap Record of Stefan Bellof been broken?

06 June 2018 - 02:44 PM

See for yourself, maybe the Porsche 919 evo on its farewell tour did the unthinkable. It sounds fairly reasonable
to me, also keeping in mind that this car has beaten the Spa F1 record set by Lewis Hamilton as well. Maybe
they will try for real one day or they will just keep backing off to have that record stand there for a while longer.


And here's a bit of info on why this car is such a monster. It's basically CanAm style


I just hope they drop by Le Mans as well :). Maybe sub 3 minutes considering they improved 12 seconds on
their Spa time in regular trim.

Discussing aero design on the 312T

02 June 2018 - 03:07 PM

Hi guys,

looking for a clue to the current June 2018 MFH riddle and thinking of a 312T-series rear wing as a way
to dial in the period I came across this site and their report on the 312T aero design. The base for this
is a computer game model (possibly Assetto Corsa) they reworked somewhat and fed through a number
of simulations. It's interesting to see how the air flows across the car and how and where opportunities
were missed for better aero (with today's tech available).

They also have other articles on suspension, engines and some other stuff. Quite interesting. I wish they
would do something similar with other racing cars of the past (312 from '67, GT40, 917, ...).